why us

It is only in Great Western Dental Escape where you can experience a unique customer touch with your dentist. Dr. Carol Marshall is one of the only few dentists in Colorado Springs that emphasizes care for young families.

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about us

If Patch Adams had dentist friends, it would have been Dr. Carol Marshall and Dr. John Leech. Inspired by their love for antiques, carpentry, and their only child, Nathaniel, Great Western Dental Escape, LLC (GWDE) was built in 1987 to be unique and fun. The clinic, which boasts a western setting, is both welcoming and diverting.

Recognizing Great Western Dental Escape's inventive and revolutionary approach to dentistry, it has also been featured in magazines and on TV. Children patients are sure to love our enjoyable decor, and adult patients will find our place just as inviting. Plus, we certainly give you only the best dental care! So come, see for yourself what we're about!